Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Uhhhh-GLEE!

(You need to read that last word in Whoopie Goldberg's voice as the hyena from "The Lion King.")

This has been an exciting day. And by "exciting" I mean "full of excitement." And by "full of excitement," I don't necessarily mean "good."

But there was some good. So first, THE GOOD:

My first mile this morning clocked in at a shocking 14:35.

Read that again. 14:35. 

Oh, sorry. Just discovered that I could do different colored fonts. That was fun. :)

It was only a week ago that I broke 15 minutes. And I hadn't done it since then. And I probably won't do it every day. But I've decided Saturdays are my "go for it" days when I'll push a little harder just to see what I can do. So today I started off doing that funny little race-walk stride, and this is how it turned out. Boo-yah!


After that unexpected first mile, the second one took a crazy turn when, about halfway through, I reached up to wipe the sweat from my nose and had blood all over my hand. Yep, nosebleed.

I told my hubby I felt like one of those psychic kids you see in the movies who use their powers, but then it causes brain hemorrhages and their nose starts bleeding. Not gonna lie...kinda freaked me out. So we slowed down (hubby was walking with me) and stopped completely at the two-mile turnaround point until I could get it under control, before starting off on the return two-mile trip back to the car. Even with taking it slow & careful, the return two miles were clocked in at just under 16 minutes each.

So, what about THE UGLY?

That would be my poor t-shirt, the only thing I had
available to deal with the nosebleed.  :(


  1. Way to go on that great speed! Sorry about the nose and the shirt.

  2. Good job on the time! So sorry about the nosebleed! *hugs*

  3. I looove reading your blogs! Sometimes I just laugh because I can hear you saying every single word:)