Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 Towns...8 McDonald's

Tuesday, August 7th.

From Bloomington to Nashville to Columbus to Franklin to Rushville to Connersville...back to Rushville and Franklin...up to Greenwood...over to 37 then back down through Martinsville to Bloomington. One big circle.

There were no fewer than 8 McDonald's along that path. And one Cheesecake Factory (where I stopped to get a piece of Happy Birthday cheesecake for my daughter). And every one of them smelled heavenly as I drove past.

I even called my Trainer at one point and chatted for a few minutes, just to get my mind off of the food and back on what I'm trying to do. When you hear the phrase, "I emailed you some exercises to start on," it has a tendency to shock all other thoughts out of your head...including thoughts of fries and a McFlurry.

But when all was said and done, I ate the lunch I had packed (small turkey & cheese sub & applesauce from an Oscar Mayer Lunchables kit), snacked on the carrot sticks & Kellogg's French vanilla protein shake I'd taken, and ate beef roast and a big spinach & fruit salad once I walked in my own door. The one time that I did drive-thru at the Golden Arches, it was just to get a Diet Coke.

In other words...I MADE IT!!! Yesterday was THE day this week that I was most worried about, and I made it!

So how did I celebrate? By getting out this morning and walking farther than I have yet - 5 miles. And since it was through rolling neighborhoods rather than on the relatively flat trail, I balanced the slower uphill climbs with short spurts of downhill jogging. (And by short, I mean maybe 5-10 seconds at a stretch.) :)

FOOD NOTE: Anyone who has access to Schwan's (I think it's a Midwest thing, but maybe it stretches farther than that)...I highly recommend their frozen tilapia. Four servings per box at 90 calories per serving. And it comes with a spice & herb packet that you can mix with various things (suggestions are on the package) for a marinade. I opted for the olive oil & lemon juice with the spices and it was soooo good! (And I normally don't like fish that well.) Some green beans seasoned with onion and some peach halves baked with brown sugar, and supper was ready tonight.


  1. Well done! ::high five:: Proud of you!

  2. You should be proud of yourself! Great job! One day at a time! :-))

  3. The more you choose to give your body quality healthy things, the less you will crave fast food. Keep at it! :-)


  4. Yeah....very proud of u as always. I know u will do awesome as u r such an inspiration.

  5. Way to go!!!! Way to resist temptation! :) And kudos on the 5 miles!