Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Golden Arches Are Calling My Name

(Sorry there have been so many posts. I really thought I'd limit it to one a day or fewer, but there are so many thoughts swimming in my head about this process. It helps to get them out.)

I am a Golden Arches addict.

When I'm working at home, or when I have a few days actually NOT working and I'm home, it was always my escape from the house to get out and run 5 minutes down the street to McD's to grab lunch. Their fountain Diet Cokes are the BEST and their fries are my drug of choice.

Since I started this journey, I've not been inside a McD's. I've done the drive-thru a few times, but always just to get a large DC. It's not the healthiest, but at least it doesn't add to the calorie count. (I keep expecting the one closest to my house to send out the police to check on me as a Missing Person.)

But this week the fries are calling my name. Shouting at me. And it's taking everything I have to not listen to the sirens' call.

I went to a movie Monday. In our town, there's a McD's right across the street from the movie theater. It would've been just a 5-minute detour on the way home. I didn't do it, but I wanted to.

Yesterday I was running errands at our local mall. Again, there's a McD's across the highway. I did the drive-thru and got my Diet Coke. It was a battle of willpower to not "get fries with that."

It isn't helping that McD's has their promotion going right now featuring all their items that are under 400 calories. And a medium order of fries is "only" 380. But the flip side is that I have entire meals (especially breakfast) that are only about 380 calories. And a lot healthier for me.

I'm sure at some point I'll cave and get an order of fries. Maybe a small order. But for now, each day that I don't do it is one more day of doing the right thing. And so far today, I'm winning the battle.

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  1. Here's how I got off the fries wagon. Go, buy the fries. Put *one* in your mouth. Chew it 50 times. We like the salt and grease, and usually swallow before we get the full gamut of flavors. When you force yourself to really *taste* them -- they're not so hot. However, even if you *do* find you enjoy them - you'll be full a lot quicker and you still won't eat them all :-)