Sunday, August 19, 2012

Random Ramblings #1

So far, I've tried to make each blog about something. But sometimes I just have random bits of things rambling around in my brain - not enough for a full post, but still things I want to share. So occasionally I'll just have some Random tonight.


Tomorrow I have to get serious again. The last couple days were 

*I didn't finish my strength exercises. (Did most of them, but not all.) 
*Hubby was gone with the car all day yesterday and I had company coming and I had work I wanted to do before they got here, so I shortchanged myself on walking. 
*I've managed to stay under my calorie limits, but the calories that I have had haven't been the best. (A trip to The Pourhouse last night netted a latte and half of one of their giant peanut butter cookies.)
*It has been harder the last couple days to resist the yummies (today at lunch was especially hard - onion rings, freshly made potato chips, chocolate lava cake, ice cream & cookie sundae) (I didn't have any of it, but it was tough). And while I insist that I will not dictate anyone else's eating choices based on what is or isn't a problem for me to be around, today I could feel myself being cranky way down deep and saying (to myself), "Do you HAVE to eat that with me sitting right here?"

So it's time to get back to the intensity, get back to doing the right thing, get back to eating the right thing, and get back to thinking the right thing.


People find out you're working to lose weight (because, oh, maybe you're writing a blog about the experience) ;) and suddenly you're getting unsolicited advice. Many, many people out there have traveled this road. And there are many, many routes to get from Point A to Point B. 

I deeply appreciate the love and concern behind the advice. It's always helpful to learn more about what's going on. Just remember that no one can adhere to every plan because so many of them...even the effective ones...can contradict each other and cancel each other out. I have found something that is working for me. I will listen to what you say. I will read any information you give me. But please don't be offended if I don't immediately and enthusiastically embrace whatever you are suggesting.


My clothes are fitting better! The tight ones aren't quite so tight!


My Trainer found out I've been doing a bit of jogging to be able to get my times down under 15 minutes per mile on a consistent basis. He now has set a goal that, beginning the 1st of September, I'll start jogging one minute each mile. 

My first reaction: ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?! 

My second reaction: Of course I'll give it my best shot. 

My third reaction: I must find more places to run that are soft surface, because trying to do it on hard surfaces (roads, sidewalks, blacktop) is really tough on my knees. I never thought before about what a difference it could be between hard and soft running surfaces.


My walking partner, Sandi, starts radiation tomorrow to help relieve the pain in her upper/mid back where her tumors have left her with bulging disks. Please keep her in your prayers.


People are starting to say they can tell a difference in how I look. Most of them are people who know I'm working on it, so maybe they're looking for it. But I still have trouble seeing it. Especially when they say they can see it in my face. And I'm like, "Really?!?!"


There is a wonderful lady who is in the church choir with me. Her name is Noell. She has been heavy for as long as I've known her, and that's been over 25 years. Apparently, last fall she quietly started doing Weight Watchers. (Or, at least, I didn't know about it.) Our choir takes a break during the summer because of people being gone on vacation, so I saw her today for the first time in a few months. She looks FANTASTIC! Moreover, she has lost *86* pounds. That's my (admittedly small) 5-year-old grandson...double! Now I know I can do it.


Hubby is getting involved, too. Granted, he pretty much has to eat what I eat - it's the only stuff in the house. (Although there was one night last week that he asked if we had "anything else" to snack on.) :)  But he also gets out most nights and walks/jogs a couple miles himself. I don't think he considered himself a power walker, but with his long legs, he has a naturally long stride, so he can do a couple miles in a half-hour easily (while I really have to hustle to do it that quickly). So this is becoming a family deal.



  1. I know what you mean about other people eating certain things in front of you! I have a neighbor that bakes delicious desserts to share and another neighbor that usually has a beer in hand and is always offering to share. It's rough because I know if I partake it won't be "just one bite".

    Kudos to you for keeping at it!

  2. I only got an app cause my belly hurt I was so hungry and I wouldn't have done dessert if it wasn't free :(