Friday, August 10, 2012

It's the Little Things - 2

(The Restaurant Edition)

*It's planning ahead to know where you're going and looking at their online nutrition guide to make your food choices before you arrive and get sucked into wanting something else.

*It's bypassing McDonald's and going to Subway.

*It's going to Red Lobster (to celebrate Daughter's new job), discovering they no longer have the green beans you were counting on, getting a baked potato instead, and eating only half of it.

*It's getting a fruity vinaigrette (I like the cranberry) dressing on your salad instead of creamy Thousand Island (my all-time favorite).

*It's not eating the cheddar bay biscuits (again, at Red Lobster) until the very end, then only having half of one as your "dessert."

*It's realizing that Red Lobster doesn't have a lot of alternate choices for calorie counters unless you like cooked broccoli...and I don't.  :(

*It's going to Olive Garden and ordering the Venetian Apricot Chicken with asparagus when you really, REALLY want fettucine alfredo.

*It's going to the homestyle restaurants (i.e. Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel) where they have baked and broiled  meats (i.e. ham, pork chops) and good salads and green beans and carrots.

*It's going to steak houses (i.e. Texas Roadhouse) where they have flame-broiled steaks and salads and baked sweet potatoes.

*It's getting pizza only VERY occasionally, with thin crust, and eating only one piece. And pile on the meat and veggies.

*It's not ordering appetizers or desserts. Or snacking on appetizers that are already ordered before you get there. Even when they're scrumptious looking onion strings.

*It's getting Diet Cokes only when you're out somewhere and not having them at home. (This is a big deal to a confirmed Diet Coke-a-holic like me.)

There are some who would say the best way to survive restaurant temptations is to not go to restaurants. Well, we do. I don't like to cook. I enjoy the social atmosphere of eating out with family and friends. I like the fact that everyone can get what they want, regardless of what I may be eating on my new healthier menu. So not going is not a lifestyle change that I'm willing to make at this point in time. These are the ways I've found so far to be smart about what I'm doing and eating when I go out. Please feel free to share if you have other tips or know other restaurants that have a lot of calorie-conscious choices.

By the of this morning, all of the Little Things have added up to one Big Thing - I hit the 10-pound mark this morning! (And now that I've shared that, I'll be more determined not to backslide.) ;)

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  1. It's often possible to order a regular portion and a take-home box, then when it comes, immediately divide the serving in two, and box half. You're not tempted to keep eating, and there are leftovers! So many "one-serving size" dinners can easily feed two.