Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Ramblings #3

Today I heard an ad on the radio for a weight loss "system." It promises that you'll lose 21 pounds in 12 weeks. Of course, it involves taking pills with breakfast, lunch and dinner - expensive pills from what I can find on the internet (although I didn't find a specific price). 

And all I could think was, "Bitch, please."

21 in 12? How about 18 in 8? 

How about no chemicals? How about no crazy reaction to caffeine? How about no broken bank account? Just a dedication to walking (a lot) and making better food choices (usually)? OH YEAH!


Matt (my trainer) is busy with his own life in South Carolina. He teaches full-time, trains full-time and still has to make time for a girlfriend. *wave to Esther* But he reads my blog posts and we still touch base once a week or so. *wave to Matt* 

Tonight he called, asked how I was doing, then started fussing at me. He fussed at me for not doing the strength/conditioning work like I should. (Okay, that was warranted. See "Knowing vs. Doing.") (At least I know he's keeping up with me.) ;)

He also fussed at me for blogging that this is work...that sometimes it isn't fun. To be fair, he'd love to see everyone getting up off the couch to exercise in some form. He'd love to see everyone eating better - lots of lean meats and fruits and vegetables. He'd like for people to get inspired by my journey and decide to do something similar themselves.

But y'know what? It's not always fun. I'm not, by nature, a physical person. I don't get excited to feel my body working like a well-oiled machine. 

I am, by nature, a couch potato. There are mornings that I wake up and I would almost (ALMOST!) rather go back to working in the ICU and cleaning up after bedfast patients with an upper GI bleed rather than get out and go walking. There are times that I would kill for anything that could be labeled "Death by Chocolate." Or for fried chicken and mashed potatoes swimming in butter.

So this is me, keeping it real. This is me saying there are good days and there are rough days. (Besides, who wants to read about someone who finds something like this to be easy all the time?) This is the story of my journey - highs, lows and plateaus. It's not pretty. It's not always easy.

But what it is, is worthwhile.


People are constantly surprising me by mentioning things to me in person that they've read here. The surprise, I suppose, is mostly that anyone is bothering to read this. Part of that perception on my part is because this is, ultimately, an open diary. I mostly write it for myself, as a way of expressing the things that bounce around in my head. 

The other reason it surprises me is because I truly have no idea how many people read this. I feel like a radio DJ who talks and talks, but has no real idea who might be listening...or if anybody is listening. 

So, if you've gotten this far, would you please help me? Let me know you're out there. Either comment here (leave your name if you're posting anonymously), or "like" the FB link, or comment on the FB link...something.

Then at least I won't get that dumbfounded look on my face when you say something to me in person. :)


One final bit - the last three times I've been out, I have done five-mile walks instead of four. It's getting easier, and it's starting to feel like going back to four-mile walks would be short-changing myself. 

This morning, Sandi was playing with her iPhone and snapped this:

Kim's comment: Where's the rest of my mom at?!?


  1. I might not always comment, but I read most of your posts. :) You're looking great!

  2. That is a great shot showing your progress!!!!! Way to go, and way to go, Sandi, for snapping it!!! Keep up the great work....and, yes, it is work sometimes. But eye on the prize, right?

  3. I always read and I'm very very proud if you. U are no longer a couch potato but u r also a physical person. U know I've always been the physical type person til the drs said no. U r the person who inspired me to get out and off my couch and I appreciate you every day for that. Because of you I feel so much better ( well u and the drugs sometimes)!!! Luv ya Sandi

  4. Hi Jenni:

    I am always eager to read one of your posts and see your progress. You are truly an inspiration and a GREAT writer. Keep up the good work and keep being real. I love it.

  5. As we both approach 50, you are doing something about it. I am not. I keep saying that I will but, haven't progressed very far. You continue to inspire and you are looking Mahvelous! Many hugs and much love,


  6. I read in spurts and try to keep caught up. Live you!

  7. I read in spurts and try to keep caught up. Live you!