Friday, September 14, 2012

Knowing vs. Doing's the thing:

I walk. No problem. Usually get my 20 miles in each week. Usually have a pace somewhere in the 15-16 minutes per mile range.

I eat. Usually no problem. I seldom go over my calorie allotment on any given day. Sometimes they aren't the  best calories I could be eating, but I know how to bring it back under control quickly after a splurge. Even a significant splurge like being on vacation last weekend was counteracted within just a couple days.

But then there's the strength/conditioning stuff. For some reason, that just doesn't get done like it should. I plan to do half of it on whatever day each week I'm not out walking, and maybe do the other half on Sunday when I'm not out walking, or piggyback it on a walk day. And it's not a lot - the whole routine at once wouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes. Tops. 

On those days when I think I'll do it, I wake up thinking, "Hey, just get it done now and it'll be over." But those are also usually days when I have something else happening early-ish, and that's the reason I'm not walking. So I get busy with that. Then I eat, and I don't like doing core strength stuff (sit-ups, crunches) on a full stomach. Then it's bedtime. Or, more likely, it's after Jim's bedtime, so I don't want to be bouncing around a lot and keeping him awake.

I think part of it is that I have other people around when I eat, so others see what I'm doing there. And I have Sandi when I walk, so she knows what I'm doing there. But I don't have anyone standing over me saying, "One more set!" It's all just me for that part. And when it's just me, it's way too easy to get distracted and busy doing other things.

So now I'm in a quandary. I'm starting to get that no-tone tummy that says, "Hey, I'm losing weight!" But I don't want no-tone. I want...well, I WANT a 20-year-old's six-pack, but that's not gonna happen. But I want it better than what it is. And I know how to get that. I get that with the crunches and the sit-ups and the bicycles and the bus drivers and the planking. The tough part that I'm having is getting from KNOWING to DOING.

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  1. So we meet sometime during our 2 days off and we do those together. I have my list of stretches from my dr I'm "supposed" to be doing which I too have a hard time getting done. U know we can do it at my house any hour of any day, or I'll get mats and we do it in my garage.....I'm here for u just like u r for me with all my "issues". Hugs!!!!