Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halfway There!

Yesterday was a teaser, but today confirmed it - 

I'm halfway to goal!!

I've been intentionally vague with the numbers, because I didn't like them. So let me get more exact now.

I'm 5'8". At my tallest, I was 5'9", but I've slowly been developing a case of scoliosis, so I'm shrinking a bit. 

When I was a sophomore in high school, we did the musical "Oklahoma!" I played Ado Annie, and at one point Will tells Ado Annie she's the "sweetest little 110 pounds of sugar in the territory." I thought that was pretty cool since I was exactly 110 at that point.

By the time I got married at age 20, I was up to 120. Still quite thin, and I'd managed to avoid as much weight as you typically hear of people gaining when they go to college.

When I became pregnant at age 25, I was around 130. (Please note: 10 years -> 20 pounds. This is important later.) And when I gave birth, I was right around 150, give or take a couple pounds. But that was temporary, and I was back down to 130ish pretty quickly.

If you'll remember, when I started this blog, I said that the weight gain really started the summer that Jim had all of his eye trouble and I mostly sat around hospitals. That was 20 years ago, in 1992.

Jump forward to when Kim was in 3rd another 9 or 10 years. I distinctly remember edging closer and closer to 170 and swearing I would NOT let myself get over that mark. 

I swore the same thing with 180...and with 190.

Then I got out of my sedentary jobs and started working at the hospital starting in early summer of 2008. The physical work along with typically eating only twice a day (because I'd come home after a night at work and fall straight into bed and sleep through breakfast) dropped my weight down a bit so that by the time I left the hospital in January of 2010, I was around 185.

Then I went back to a sedentary job, bolstered by lunchtime runs to McDonald's just to get out of the house for a few minutes. And in just over two years, my weight bounced up nearly 20 pounds. (I told you it would be important.)

So when I started this journey in July, the scale said 203. Ugh.

The goal was set: lose 40 pounds, hopefully before my birthday in February. 

Now, mind you, I got a new scale last week that will measure not only weight, but also body fat percentage as well as water and bone mass. (Mostly I wanted it so when the weight starts to stay the same, I can see whether I'm trading muscle for fat.) This new scale reads three pounds lighter than my old one did, so I have to make adjustments for that.

So, let's say I started at 200, according to the new scale.

Monday I hit 180.2 before I ate breakfast. Today it was 179.4. So now I feel comfortable in saying that yes, I've made it halfway!

More than being halfway, I seriously can't remember the last time my weight was below 180. It has been at least five years. And yes, I cried a little this morning. Happy tears.

So my Facebook status yesterday wasn't quite complete. It should have read:

It's a Milestone Monday:
*Coldest start to a walk: 35* when I got up this morning.
*Lowest weight so far: 180.2 (now updated to 179.4 and officially claiming it to be 20 pounds lost and halfway to goal!!)
*Fastest single mile: 13:50 (previous best had been 14:33)
*Fastest overall pace: 14:18/mile for 5 miles (had never made it under 15:00 before)


  1. I am so proud of you. I want to follow in your footsteps, literally. How do you find the time? The places to walk?

    1. Emily: Thankfully - and this has made a huge difference for me - I don't have a job that has set hours anymore. Neither is it full-time. I'm not a morning person, so I wouldn't be the one out at 6 a.m., nor have I ever been good about doing anything other than coming home and collapsing if I've worked a full day somewhere.

      Now, having said that (and knowing that you DO have a full-time job with set hours), the biggest thing that has helped me is to have someone who doesn't let me slack off. Sandi is a beast - even on days when I'm taking a scheduled day off, she'll go out and walk with someone else or run by herself. So on yucky days like yesterday, I have someone saying, "C'mooonnnn...." :)

      The other thing that has really helped is that I have a (usually) set time of day to go - first thing in the morning. My alarm goes off at 8:00, I roll out of bed, crawl into walking clothes, and meet Sandi at the trail at 8:30 after she has dropped her daughter off at school. I know myself well enough to know that if I waited until later, it probably wouldn't happen because I would get pulled into doing other stuff. (Which is exactly what happened this past Saturday.)

      As for finding places to far we've only done various sections of the B-Line / Rail Trail / Clear Creek Trail system. We have our 2-mile section (where we've also established 1/2-mile and 1-mile points) that we do out and back...we have a short 1/2-mile section that we do out and back, we have a couple 2.5-mile bits and a 3-mile bit (which I haven't actually done, but Sandi has). So we can mix'n'match those to get whatever distance we want to do.

      I know some people would find it boring to do the same trails over and over. But for me, it's comforting to be in familiar territory, because I know what's coming...I know where my markers are (i.e. just past this bridge is one mile, the middle of this road is 1/2 mile)...and my body by now knows how far it is until I'm finished. So I don't mind covering the same territory each day.

      But FINDING places to walk? Just walk out your front door and start through the neighborhood. That's what I did my first day - walked from my house to Kim's, weaving through neighborhoods (which, according to Mapquest, was exactly 2.5 miles). While I have to be careful about doing too much road walking because of my knees, the upshot of walking through neighborhoods, is that you *can* come back home, plot it out on Mapquest, and find out how far you went. (Or, if you're like everyone else in the world BUT me and have an iPhone, use the app MapMyRun - it'll GPS you no matter where you go, giving you updates on your mileage, your speed, and your time as you go.)

      I can't tell you what'll work for you - I only know what is working for me, and goodness knows it has taken several false starts for it to finally stick this time. But if you want to chat further, give me a call...catch me at church...PM me on FB. We'll find a time for some girl time and I'll tell you whatever I can. <3

  2. This is awesome--and inspiring!! I was 213 when I had Miss K--who is going to be 3 next month. I was 170 when I got pregnant with her and I've been trying for pre-pregnancy weight since having her (which is goal #1. Long-term goal is getting back into the 150s). Saw it briefly, but it didn't last long. At this moment, I am 173 and have been steadily fluctuating between 172 and 175, so I am claiming progress!!!!

    1. Sounds like you're doing awesome! And now that you have this new-found love of doing 5K races, I bet it'll drop even more. :D