Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just a Little Further - HA!

This week's exercise time is being all KINDS of chopped up because of my work schedule.

Monday was fine. Got out. Did my four miles. Nice & normal. 

Tuesday I had to go to Indy. I left in the morning about the same time I'd normally be going walking and didn't get home until after I'd picked up Ethan from school. No walking.

So on Wednesday, I thought, "Hey, I already know I'm working Friday at some point, so how about let's go a little farther so I won't have to do so much later in the week." Sandi agreed, and we did a different part of the trail system that totaled 4.4 miles. Not much of a difference, really, and I certainly didn't feel it like I did the last time I did this 4.4-mile stretch (and could barely walk by the time I finished it). 

So THIS morning I was really ambitious. Sandi & I did yet another stretch of the trail which, out-and-back, totaled five miles. (The Clear Creek Trail from Church Lane to Tapp Road, for those who are local and know where I'm talking about.)

Seriously...that last mile - that EXTRA mile - I thought I was going to cry. Or collapse. Or something. I never knew a mile could be so LONG. It was only (basically) a half-mile further than yesterday, fercryinoutloud! I shouldn't have been feeling it the way I was!

And I hadn't realized how much I relied on my landmarks to let me know how close I'm getting to the end on our regular stretch of trail, where you can see straight ahead of you about every quarter-mile. Or even on the trail we were on Wednesday - there are light posts along the trail and they're numbered, so as you get closer to the end, the numbers are going down and you can think to yourself, "Just 15 more lights...just 10 more lights..."

This part of the trail was marked, too, with actual markers every half-mile. But I still swear someone was moving them farther apart as we went along, because I *know* they were closer together and we were getting to them faster at the beginning. I just *know* it.

Five miles. 1:20:48. 16 minutes per miles average. Not my best - I typically shoot for something between 15:00 and 15:30. But I could feel that the last mile was quite a bit slower, so I'm content with this for a time. 

Even better was when I got home and updated, where I track all my food and exercise, and walking that much earned me an extra 565 calories that I can eat today. :D That's when the payoff hits. Or when the scale drops another half-pound.

Then it's all worthwhile.


Reminder: Sandi & I...and Jim...and Sandi's friend Maria have all signed up for the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5K Walk on September 29. I'm doing this in memory of my mom and Jim's mom, and in honor of many other friends and family who have fought various forms of cancer - including my walking buddy, Sandi. I'm not going to be making direct pleas for donations, but if you DO wish to donate, I'd love it! 

Here's the link to the main page for the event. Go to the menu on the left, click on "Sponsor a Participant" and then type in "Bohn" for the last name. That will get you to our individual donation page.

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