Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Officially Crazy

I don't like the cold. Never have. When I was in grade school, you'd find me outside during recess, huddled with the bunch of girls in the corner where the stairs came out of the building, trying to stay warm.

It's only September and I've already pulled out the fleece pants to wear in the evenings. I've sat and watched TV, snug beneath one of the blankets that are a permanent fixture on the backs of our couches. I've already started drinking extra cups of coffee during the day just to stay warm, and I wore a sweater to church this past Sunday.

I don't like to be wet, unless I'm in a pool or a hot shower. I never liked to play with water pistols or sprinklers. I will add half-again the distance to walk from Point A to Point B just to go around rain puddles. Do NOT come after me with a hose, and don't expect me to run out in the rain to check the mail.

So can someone please tell me WHY, in the past week, have I been out walking on two different mornings with temperatures in the 30s and why on earth I went out this morning (well, yesterday morning, since it's now past midnight) with temps in the mid-50s but in the pouring rain?!!?!?!

This is not a smile. This is my cheeks being
frozen and  unable to close my mouth.

I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! Last Thursday morning when I got up, it was 39 degrees outside. I wore sweats, but my face was so cold that my cheeks were numb and I couldn't make my mouth work well enough to talk correctly. (See photo above.)

Monday it was 35 when I got up. That's only THREE DEGREES ABOVE FREEZING!!!! I started out in workout pants, a hoodie and gloves, but I had my hood down within the first mile and the gloves were off by the end of Mile #2. And I was sweating enough that I got rid of the sweatshirt once we got back to the car. (Oh yeah, another side effect of the new look: I'm more brave about being out in public in just my sport bra. I still don't have anything close to a six-pack - maybe more like a two-pack - but compared to what I did look like, I'm pretty darn comfortable now.) 

And this/yesterday morning? This morning I woke up, realized it was raining, and texted Sandi. "Raining. Wait for a break or what do you want to do?" She texted back that it was up to me, but she was game to go ahead and walk. And, heaven help me, I texted back and told her we'd do it. And we did. Four miles. I turned my watch to the inside of my wrist, took my workout towel and draped it around my neck, and just shook the water off my dripping hair every few minutes. I also took an oversized bath towel to sit on when I got back in the car afterward. We didn't set any world speed records or anything, but this was one of those mornings when it's enough just to be out and putting in the work.

So I've been out in sub-40 temps in shorts, and I've been out in the cold rain. Me. Miss Huddle-in-the-Corner.

I think I've officially crossed over in to Crazyville.


  1. Thanks for sharing your commitment. Hmmm, wonder why commitment and being committed share root words? Anyway, the temps here will eventually begin dropping, but our training must go on. And as they drop I know I'll be looking at myself and asking why on earth I want to run a Half Marathon in JANUARY! Just praying it's not like 2010 when it SNOWED at Disney World on the Half. LOL When I don't want to head out, I will think of you and head out anyway.

    Although, I do think I need to invest in a popemobile cover for the jogging stroller since Miss K won't be exerting any energy while riding.....

  2. Hmmm....if I ever get up to half-marathon status, I wonder if I could convince Jim to let me do the one at WDW. ;)