Monday, July 30, 2012

Flying Solo

Okay, NOT solo. In fact, I have a terrific new walking partner - someone who easily keeps up, actually pushes me a bit, and is an inspiration in life every single day.

But solo. The person who gave me the kick-start for this journey has gone. Oh, we'll be in touch - a lot - and he'll be monitoring my progress and giving me more to do in the way of exercise as this goes along. But now I have to keep track of my own times and food and miles. I won't have the little voice in my ear telling me random bits of nutrition info. I won't have someone around to do the healthy cooking when I just want to fix a big pot of mac'n'cheese.

Nope. Time now to put on my big girl bloomers and take responsibility for this myself.

And I'm a little scared.


  1. No *wonder* you miss him! (To tell the truth, sound incredibly like Tom :-) )

    Keep it up, lovely lady :-) *hugs*

  2. Keep it up and your big girl bloomers will be much smaller!