Saturday, July 28, 2012

"What have you done to her?"

(Originally posted on on July 21, 2012)
My daughter knows me well - probably better than anyone else alive. We spend a lot of time together and often think or say the same thing at exactly the same time. We can read each other's moods with just a look. We have enough inside jokes and references to fill a small book.
So she was the one who gave a quizzical look when I first ordered water for lunch instead of Diet Coke and watched me eat only one....ONE...Olive Garden breadstick with an entire meal.
She watched me eat a half of a turkey sandwich, a small package of baby carrots and Baked Lay's chips for lunch while three others around me had pizza or pasta. 
But when we were out for dinner and I ordered steak with a baked sweeto potato with ONLY BUTTER, rather than the usual double helping of marshmallows and brown sugar, she turned to the person on her left - who also happens to be my Trainer - and exclaimed, "What have you done to her?" 
 And at that moment I knew...this is going to be a huge change.
 PS - the "big jeans" (every girl has them) that had become the "fitting right jeans" are already big again. 

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