Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pride Goeth Before A Fall - Literally


I went out this morning. Did the five miles out-and-back on the Clear Creek Trail. That makes 21 miles for the week.

I was by myself, and really wanted to do it under 1:15:00 - less than 15 minutes per mile average. That meant I would have to run. So I did.

Started off with a 3:20 stretch. That's the longest time I've ever run without dropping down to a walk. That was cool.

I walked about twice that long (6:20) then tried running again. Managed 1:20 for that stretch. Walked a bit more, then did another 2:14 running. Usually, after I have my initial burst, any running stretches after that are between 1:00 and 1:30. Getting a 2:00-and-some running stretch after my initial burst is rare, so I was really feeling pretty good about it all.

I got to the trail head at Tapp Road, which marks 2.5 miles. Rested a bit, watched the construction, and got ready to head back. Since I'd caught my breath, I thought I'd just run as long as I could and see how I did. No goals. Just running.

By the point when I was getting winded and thinking I'd need to stop running and start walking again, I saw it...shining like a beacon in the night (except it was about 10 in the morning). The sign that marked the half-mile point from the trail head. If I could just...reach...the...marker.......

Yep. I did it. Ran a solid half-mile stretch this morning. A new milestone for me - something I never seriously thought I'd be able to do. And I ran it in 5:47. Not a stellar time by any means, but y'know what? This was ME running...and ME ran a SOLID HALF-MILE!!!!!

Before the morning's work was finished, I ran another solid quarter-mile and yet another stretch that was nearly a quarter-mile. (I could've done a quarter-mile at that point, too, but it was the end of the trail.)

Then, as I was walking back to my car, thinking about how awesome I was and how I was going to write my blog about running a half-mile stretch, I wasn't paying attention. AND the sun was in my eyes. So I closed my eyes against the sun as I walked, but got too close to the edge of the asphalt path...turned my ankle off the edge of the pavement...and went down...scraping my leg on the blacktop as I went down and banging up the heels of my hands from trying to catch myself as I fell.

I couldn't do anything but laugh at my own inauspicious end to a really great walk. I guess that'll teach me.

Nah....probably not.


P.S. Keep my walking partner Sandi in your prayers, please. She had a rough round of chemo this past week, on top of the fact that her pain pills aren't taking care of the pain she has from the herniated disks (an after-effect of having tumors removed from her spine). She hasn't been able to be out with me at all this past week, which says a LOT, and I've missed her. Hopefully the doctors will be able to help her get back on top of the pain again soon.


  1. Way to go on the running! Sorry about your booboo. Owie! I'm praying for Sandi. If she remembers who I am, feel free to let her know.

  2. Awesomeness on the running!!! Sorry about the slip and fall, and also sorry to hear about Sandi, definitely praying!