Sunday, November 25, 2012

Never Doing THAT Again!

It's a holiday week. It's cold. Sandi's sidelined. Work is crazy.

Net result? I walked Monday...did a 20-minute stint on Tuesday...and didn't walk again until Friday. (And by walk, I mean being out at least an hour.)


Oy! Never dreamed that taking three days off would make THAT much of a difference! That's CRAZY!

It wasn't as bad as starting completely from scratch, but it definitely wasn't as good as it is when I keep steady with it. 

Five measly miles. That should be nuthin' for me at this point. But by the time I did that much yesterday, I felt like I couldn't take another step. In fact, after walking, I stopped by the grocery store and it was all I could do to get out of the car again. Sheesh!

So Monday I need to get out. No excuses. Regardless of the temperatures. Just bundle up. The extra layers will kill my pace, but I've got to get moving again. Three laps around the neighborhood, or a trip walking to Kim's and back. Something. Anything. Must...move....


  1. Good for you. At least you are trying. So proud of you. Betty

  2. After tonight you can come to my house when it's too cold :)