Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sideline Scare

Yeah, it's not serious in terms of career-ending injuries. It doesn't even require a cast or crutches.

I turned my ankle yesterday - pretty badly - in that way that you roll your foot and sometimes you end up breaking the bone on the outside of your foot. I was walking on a sidewalk, got too close to the edge (to get out of the way of the horde of schoolchildren coming at me), and landed my foot lengthwise along the edge of the concrete. There was a gap along the edge, and my foot rolled over into that gap.


In true female fashion, I glanced around quickly to see if anyone had seen me almost go down, regained my balance, regained my composure...tried to regain my dignity...and mustered on. I was, however, rather glad that the weather was cool and damp and there was a good excuse to take Ethan to McDonald's for an early supper while we waited to go pick up his mom from work, rather than me chasing him around the school playground for 30-45 minutes.

Later in the evening when we would stand to sing at choir practice...that's when it got uncomfortable. I even bailed on the extended practice to go home and ice the ankle rather than spending an extra half-hour or so on choir risers as we prepared to sing for this Sunday's services.

I texted Sandi to tell her my status was uncertain for this morning, and I'd have to give her an update when I woke up.

As it has turned out, the ankle is still tender and hurts more when I stand on it for very long. But when I first woke up this morning, I texted Sandi that it was achey, but I still wanted to bandage it (for support) and go walk "an easy 4." I probably wouldn't have pushed it, but after taking Monday off, I need to get the miles in this week. PLUS it's supposed to rain tomorrow. PLUS Sandi has a doctor's appointment tomorrow (which could take anywhere from 30 minutes to half the day). Yes, I could go by myself...but I also know that if it's raining, and if my ankle's still bugging me, chances are that I'll not get out tomorrow. We'll see.

BUT here's the other reason I got out today.

On the days when I don't walk, it's tough for me to stay under my calorie limit. I mean, I like to eat. That's how I got to 200 pounds in the first place. And yesterday I adjusted my goals on, so now I'm supposed to have even fewer calories per day, since there's less of me to have to power. :)

The way I look at it, though, getting out and walking "buys" me the flexibility to eat more food. Or maybe something that's not on the Grade A list. I burn calories walking - I can consume more in a day. Pretty simple math, really.

The thought of not being able to get out and walk, though, and having to do it ALL just with what I do (or don't) eat - that scared me. I was scared of being sidelined for any length of time. Yes, there are days that I don't WANT to walk. But I don't ever want to not be ABLE to walk. That part scares me, because I don't know if I could do this without the double whammy of exercise and eating.

So we went out this morning and did our four miles. It wasn't quite as fast as I had been doing. (I was taking pictures of the fall colors along the trail, too, to share with you all.) But it was respectable, and we did it. 

Strangely, my ankle didn't hurt when I was walking. Concentration? Endorphins? I don't know. But it didn't - and doesn't - hurt as much when I'm moving it as it does when I'm standing still. Sandi says the same thing about her knee, which she messed up a week or so ago. She says when she walks or jogs, it doesn't bother her. But if she's just standing around the house as she moves from room to room doing housework for the day, it really hurts.

Weird how that works. It's like we're meant to keep moving and exercising. Go figure. 

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